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Privacy Act

All inquiries can be made via email by inquiry form or can be communicated via the listed phone number all located under the 'Contact Us' page in the Lucca Connections web site.

We supply a high quality web service for our users. Lucca Connections is aware of the sensitivity our users have in regards to the privacy protection of their personal data. In addition to the detailed privacy act of the Italian law (Informativa sulla Privacy (D.Lgs.196/2003)) which has been translated below, Lucca Connections has retained it useful to supply their version of the privacy policy for their users.

Lucca Connections website allows the users to personalize the content that is submitted for their property; in other words, Lucca Connections facilitates consultation and translation of the material and announcements presented by the user which then are proposed on the website.

The Lucca Connections website contains a search engine to display properties, consulting and coordination services publications and collect inquiries on announcements available on the site.

Collection of data:

The data collected from users is only used by Lucca Connections. To ensure the user's privacy a form is printed out and signed by the user which is then archived by and with Lucca Connections.

All data received for posting on the site is verified by the user before publication. All data provided on the site can be modified and updated via an email sent to

Publication of data:

The users supply the photos and content of the property via email and a one-on-one consultation between the user and Lucca Connections is coordinated to clarify, verify and certify the data supplied. At this time a privacy document is signed by the user and then archived to guarantee protection and validity of their data on the website.

Lucca Connections inserts and preserves personal data of all users in a database designed by Lucca Connections which resides on an actual computer system network located at the official business site. Such computer systems make use of sophisticated mechanisms of safety. We are very sensitive to the problems of safety and we have adopted in addition to our computer systems a series of organizational practices to increase the safety of the data that we manage.

Connections (Links):

This website could contain connections (links) to other sites that do not belong to the dominion of Even though we choose to select better quality links of other sites that appear on our website, we do not take on the responsibility for the privacy policy relevant in other sites that appear on our website and that are not covered by the Lucca Connections Privacy Policy.

Modification to the Privacy Policy:

If there arises the need to change any of the regulations within our privacy policy, the users will be informed and the modifications will be communicated.

Contact Us:

If there are any questions or uncertainties about the content of this Privacy Policy and the original Italian Privacy Act, please contact us.

Informative on the Privacy (D.Lgs.196/2003)

Translated content of the Italian Privacy Act - Informativa sulla Privacy (D.Lgs.196/2003)

Regulations on the senses of art. 13 of the D. Lgs. 196/2003

How envisioned by the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, Lucca Connections, official of the service (from here on forward known as the "Official"), would like to inform users of the following: The Legislative Decree n. 196 of June 30 2003 "Legal Code on protection of personal data", disciplines the way data is collected, the service, the preservation and the eventual communication and/or disbursement of personal data, specifying rights and obligations of the subjects interested. The service of the personal data aside the Official respects how much is expected from the most recent normative.

Typology of users

In connection to the utilization of the website and of its publications (newsletter, e-mail, fax, sms, etc) there are two types of users:

In the public section of the Portal the users, whoever you are, enter anonymously (ex. when looking for a property). For how much it pertains to the services, businesses access the service after the registration of their personal data.

Private Users access some services in an anonymous manner (ex. request of information on a property), while for other services (ex. publications or announcements) it's necessary to register personal details before use, kind of like a authority or delegate of the given data to publish.

Collection of data

Data of private users are collected from the Official exclusively by means of compiled forms (from now on defined as "form") proposed "on line" on the website. The form is of different types and is dependent on the type of service that the user is going to use. The Official collects the data of the businesses "on line" via the website.

Purpose of the service

Data of the private users are collected from the Official at the end of having supplied a personalized service and having agreed on the publication of the property's announcement.

The collection of personal data of businesses happens at the end of:

Nature of discussing the data

Discussion of the data is optional, but an eventual refusal can prevent the Official to follow through with the requests and to carry out the services requested.

Method of collecting Data

The Official discusses the data in respect to the normative obligations, guaranteeing full acknowledgement of the norms by law, by contract and by regulation. Registration and data processing occur in paper form, electronic form and data transmission, with logics tightly correlated to purpose of the latter, so as to guarantee the security and the preservation of the data. The Official can handle the personal data and share them with pertinent databases or data banks (customers, suppliers, administration, announcements, etc.) either directly or making it available for other subjects, dependents, consultants and suppliers of relevant sectors, which work with the capacity of persons in charge, inside or if necessary outside the structure of the Official, or with the capacity of representatives.

Communication and disbursement of data

Personal data furnished by the user can be communicated and used for the purpose assumed by third parties that will work with kind of persons in charge, delegates or autonomous officials.

Duration of the service

Duration of personal data is not superior to how much it is necessary to satisfy the purpose of the service, that is the memorization of the search criteria, the notification, the publication of announcements and the contact of agencies. Therefore, the service is active until the user would like to cancel the personal data initially submitted, by a means of communication to the Official.

Rights of the interested

ART. 7 of the above cited decree confer to the interested party the exercise of specific rights. Particularly, the interested party has the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence or not of the personal data, even if not yet registered, and that such data is made available in an intelligible manner. The interested party can also be asked to know the origin of the data, the logic, the purpose and the method on which the service itself is based on as well as the extremities identified by the Official of the service, of the person in charge, of the Representative in the territory of the State and of the subjects / categories of which the personal data can be communicated or can become knowledgeable from the kind of representative designated in the State, of Persons in charge or delegated. The interested party can obtain the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or block the data treated in violation of law as well as the updating, the rectification or, if desired, the integration of the data; The interested party can obtain a document that states that the above data were confirmed knowingly which then led to the data to be communicated accordingly; The interested party can oppose, for legitimate reasons, of the latter service.

Official of the service

The interested can also address the Official at any moment, directing the requests to the following address:

Lucca Connections - e-mail:

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