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Acquagym Acquagym Acquagym Acquagym What is Acquagym? Acquagym is a water sport which combines gymnastics in water to the rhythm of music. Acquagym can be done with or without water sport devices/equipment and favors muscle development. Acquagym is a water sport that uses techniques of varied types of gymnastics like boxing, jogging, yoga, aerobics, judo and dance. Its unique combination of these exercises is what makes Acquagym fun and stimulating.
Acquagym is ideal for any person from the elderly to the expectant mothers as gymnastics in water supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury. The mitigation of gravity by flotation places less stress on the joints when stretching and can allow a greater range of motion. Exercise in water can also prevent overheating through continuous cooling of the body.

 Gem Therapy
Gem Therapy Gem Therapy Gem Therapy Gem Therapy Gemaffex Jewelry Workshops are ideal to put one in touch with their multidimensional energetic body system. It's all about ... Balance, Balance, Balance. In today's world, balance is the key to living in harmony and peace, despite the chaos that surrounds you.

How does it work? Each natural gem that Mother Earth creates vibrates at a specific frequency rate that directly corresponds to your Multidimensional Body System through the Chakra system. When you wear a GemAffex natural gem on your physical body, the gems' energetic frequency of vibration will affect your Multidimensional Body System and create a positive flow of energy for improved harmony and balance. GemAffex Gem Therapy Jewelry offers you one of the simplest ways in which to support your body's innate healing capacity by balancing your Multidimensional Energetic Body System, from the inside out.

 Learning to Cook...Italian Style
Learning to Cook Learning to Cook Learning to Cook Learning to Cook We are pleased to offer our guests the opportunity to "taste" a very important and "delicious" part of the Italian culture: THE KITCHEN. For this we can arrange for you an Italian cooking class or make available a personal chef to prepare and cook the meals. You have a choice of many typical Tuscan menus that can be mixed and matched and the chef will come to you with everything needed to prepare your dinner. You will cook together in a comfortable atmosphere and at the same time chat and learn about one of the most exquisite aspect of Tuscany! FOOD!!!

 Traditional homemade bread -- how to classes
Traditional homemade bread Traditional homemade bread Traditional homemade bread Traditional homemade bread Did you know that bread has a completely different taste if made with natural yeast? To make great bread, you start with making natural yeast, aka wild yeast or yeast cultures which is done in 3 easy phases. With natural yeast you are able to bake tasty bread, rich in flavor in 1 hr. Natural yeast is made of very basic ingredients that once you know how to make it you will never use packaged yeast again! Natural yeast is also used in fermenting beer and wine. Bread, beer and wine, all 3 are the main ingredients to an robust Italian meal!!!

 Photography at its finest
Photography at its finest Photography at its finest Photography at its finest Photography at its finest Fotographically Yours, a blossoming flower in the world of Fine Art Photography, offers the opportunity to view the world through the eyes of a dreamer...a vagabond in pursuit of permanence...impelling those who dream to search for the unattainable. Through the art of photography, Fotographically Yours offers a variety of artistic images intended not only to create a feeling of peace but inspire emotional expression. Words are irrelevant as the eye beholds and the heart feels. Enjoy these exceptional photos on Fotographically Yours' website All photographs are for sale as prints as well as notecards.

 Moonwriting Worskshops
Moonwriting Worskshops Moonwriting Worskshops Moonwriting Worskshops Moonwriting Worskshops "Dee's 'Moonwriting in Lucca' introductory workshop has broadened my approach to writing. Through a carefully crafted process, Dee showed me how to observe, painting a picture with words. But first, I had to learn to let go, allowing the words of that 'first draft' to flow! We had great fun taking on the 'voice' of different characters and in so doing, helped to develop our own. As a group, we learnt to be mutually supportive, listening to each other's work and reflecting back what we heard, what we liked and asking questions to help the writer dig a little deeper into the story and characters. It was a journey of discovery - I laughed, I cried - and I'm going back for more next year!"

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