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Who is 'Lucca Connections'?

Lucca Connections is a all-in-one services center made up of a conglomerate of professionals and artisans within the province of Lucca. Lucca Connections coordinates services for the Client when buying, selling, renting, refurbishing, building and remodeling and consults with the Client by offering guidance and reassurance when it comes to taking care of their home away from home.

To better understand, Lucca Connections has outlined packages to help their Client know what services are available when owning property overseas Property Services or planning a relaxing vacation Guest Services.

Being that each Client need or property requirement varies, additional services not listed can be available upon request and made part of a custom package.

What is 'Lucca Connections'?

Owning a second home anywhere in the world, especially in Italy is what many people dream of. Many people look to live just a single chapter of 'Under the Tuscan Sun'. Well, we help make it all possible. We bring to you assurance, simplicity and serenity that your home is in good hands.

Lucca Connections has been designed and developed to simplify procedures and make available consulting and coordination services to assist with purchasing, restoring and renting, as well as enhancing and maintaining your home in Tuscany.

We are here to provide complete and personalized consulting and coordination service packages to make buying easier and renting enjoyable as an owner and as a vacationer.

Lucca Connections is a one-stop business in helping you realize your goal where your needs are listened to, your questions are answered and the requirements are met.

Where is 'Lucca Connections'?

Lucca Connections was founded in Lucca, Italy and has expanded its scope to include the surrounding cities within the Province of Lucca and various parts of Tuscany. Lucca Connections is expanding its network of owners and collaborators and is foreseen to have owners display their properties from other parts of Italy, such as properties in the surrounding islands of Isola d'Elba and Sardegna.

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